How it all started!!!!!

It seemed to me like a dream to conduct a hunting trip abroad!!!!!

I saw hunting trips to various site (Greek and foreign) abroad in different countries very promising for a good hunt but some of them had package prices which were high for my standards.

Ten years ago I finally decided to make my dream come true and hunt birds in South Africa. So it happened!!!!!! A true hunting paradise!!!! It satisfies the appetite of any bird hunting adventures. This was the spark that lighted the fire!!!! Once a year and according to my financial capabilities, i am hunting abroad and i am experiencing experiences that unfortunately can not be lived in our country.

On this site you will not read excesses about hunting wealth of locations selected for hunting. Reality will always be there!!!! If necessary a hunt will be cancelled if the prey during migration are abandoning the region, our aim is not just to go for the trip!!!!!

Our Aim is to go hunting and have a great time!!!!

For anything you need call or send me a message!

+30 6932429624